Pandemic Workaway road trip stories at a ranch in Nevada

Thanks to Ryan and Nima for sending in their inspiring roadtrip stories during the pandemic! If you want to make a change in your life, the power is in your hands :)

"Two motorcycles, 50 states, and a leap into the unknown. Join along on the journey as we confront our fears and document the shifting landscape during this pandemic.

In this first Episode, Nima and I travel from Los Angeles to Nevada to kick off our adventure across the United States. We land in the high plains at Ike's Canyon Ranch, where we engage in our first Workaway, and create deep bond's with some amazing people as we fully immerse ourselves into ranch life."

Inspirational travel chat with a stay-at-home Travel blogger | #TogetherApart | EP 08
#TogetherApart | Lockdown Workaway stories in Malaysia