Finding a family in every country you travel to | #TogetherApart | EP 03

Meet Selim (Salsem) from Tunisia who visited a host 15 times! | #TogetherApart | EP 03

Selim, one of our Workaway Ambassadors, has traveled extensivly and has even been to one host family in Mayaysia 15 times and has now become part of their family! 

He is is a keen cyclyist and has cycled on a bike from Loas to Vietnam and now plans to cycle down the west coats of Africa, starting in Moroco to aimin to finish in South Africa.

While his travel plans have been postponed at the moment, Selim is currently on another fun endeavour back at home and looking forward to going on more adventures abroad...


As travellers, hosts and Workawayers, the current global crisis is undoubtedly a huge lifestyle shift.. We might be physically apart, the one nice thing to remember though, is that we’re all in this TOGETHER!

Through this mini series on our Youtube channel and, our team (who are also in quarantine/ self-isolation) have been chatting to hosts and travellers to find out about their stories, how this has affected them and their plans for the future.

Stay tuned for more, Workaway people! 🎬


Workaway Ambassador Selim and good luck with your adventures! 


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